#BBatHome – Amicus where are you?! We miss you!

To all of our funny fellas in Amicus, it has been over three weeks since BB has closed and we are missing you A LOT! There’s no one around to make sure the canteen is safe from any prying hands!!! We’ve got no one loosing the footballs on top of the cupboards in the hall or anyone to annoy the Company lads! How will we ever cope?!

We do hope you are all safe and looking after yourselves and loved ones. Coming soon, Paul will be sending you (via your parents’ emails) a weekly message just so we can stay in touch. We will also organise some more video conferences and chats with the rest of the Hextable BB team in the coming weeks. In the mean time we would appreciate your honest and respectful opinions on the material we have been putting on the website for your age group. Also any ideas on what we can send out on our new Instagram account would be great too!