Junior Section Weekend Camp

A weekend to remember…

Once a year we join with our friends from other Companies in the Bromley Battalion for a whole weekend. The weekend is a residential trip for our Junior Section Boys, normally held mid-June. For several years the Junior Section Camp was held on a residential activity centre in Sevenoaks Weald, Kent however in recent year it has now been moved to Carroty Woods in Tonbridge, Kent.

The weekend is a packed weekend filled with activities where the Boys get to try things they not normally be able to do. The weekend away also helps prepare the Boys in gaining their confident in being away from home (for most this will be their first time away for a long period of time) in preparation for them coming to our annual summer camp (which they can do once they are in Year 6 / 11+ years of age). The build firm friendships over the weekend as they develop their courage to try new things and to trust each other. The idea of having to look after themselves (we assure you that are properly supervised 24 hours a day) is also a valuable lesson they come away with learning.

So what do they get up to over the weekend? The weekend starts on Friday evening where the Boys travel together in convoy (staff and parents drive the Boys to Carroty Woods). On their arrival they are taking to their dorms/rooms where they put away their luggage and make their beds (yes they make their own beds!!). Then they begin their first round of activities after finding out what teams they are in for the whole weekend. Throughout the weekend their teams compete against each other for points for every activity they undertake. The more points their win on each activity the likelihood their team will be crowned the champions of the weekend. By the time it becomes dark on the Friday evening the Boys are treated to a light meal and supper before having a glowstick hunt. Once this is done the Boys go to bed in preparation for awaits them the next day. Saturday arrives and after a cooked breakfast they are out and about! The Boys get to go swimming, climb through an adventure course, play a range of sports and jump on the Battalion’s bouncy castle as well as have a go at some craft and mind puzzling challenges! These activities happen throughout the entire weekend as the Boys get to try a bit of everything. Come Saturday evening they all get together for a hot meal around the campfire which is accompanied by classic campfire songs. On Sunday morning the Boys attend a morning service, led by a visiting preacher, minister or speaker. The Boys then move on to their Sunday activities, which are very similar to the previous day’s. Sunday afternoon wraps up camp with the traditional event of “It’s a Knockout” where the entire camp participates in silly races that normally involve a lot water! The Boys and Staff then tidy up the dorms before heading home. By the time the Boys arrive back home they are absolutely shattered (as are the staff).