Junior Section

Age group:

8-11 years of age

Weekly meetings:

Thursday evenings from 6:00pm-7:00pm


The Junior Section wear a blue BB polo shirt and a royal blue Junior BB sweatshirt along with grey or black school trousers. The Boys are expected to wear  black clean shoes or trainers. The Boys receive badges during the year and will be given an armband to wear on the right arm.


Gillian (Lieutenant)

Junior Section Staff:

Ian (Captain)
Maureen  (Lieutenant)
Gill (Lieutenant)
Daniel (Lieutenant)
Andrew (Lieutenant)

What does Junior Section do?

The Junior Section is our second youngest group and works with those aged 8-11 years old. Junior Boys are exposed to a mixed programme of activities that bridges what they experienced in the Anchor Boys and what awaits them in the Company Section. The Boys are inspected weekly for how smart they are and are involved in more focussed badge work. Depending on how old they are and how long they have been in the Company determines what group they are in. However, we aim to expose the Junior Boys to a well-balanced programme that allows all of them to experience everything we have to offer them.

In Junior Section, the Boys begin to participate at Battalion level activities and competitions. The biggest one of these is playing a sport known as handball. This a team game that the Boys would not have engaged with at school (it is a different version to the normal handball that could be taught on the National Curriculum). In recent years our Company has been highly successful in the handball tournaments and in 2014 won the Bromley Battalion Handball Championship.J4

The Junior Section is also allowed to engage in sleepover and weekend residential. Throughout the year we organise sleepovers down at the Church where the Boys have a themed evening of watching films, playing games and having hot dogs and soup before crashing out on the Church floor in their sleeping bags. They’re woken up by finishing off the film(s) from the night before alongside having their breakfast.

Also once a year we go away with other companies in the Bromley Battalion for a weekend “camp”. The Boys get to experience a weekend-long residential with their friends from their Company and other local Companies. Please see our Junior Section Weekend Camp page for more details.

Transition to the Company Section

J5When the Boys enter their last few weeks of being in the Junior Section we begin to involve them in activities that help with the transition between this section and Company Section. As a Company, we recognise that when our Boys enter their last year in primary education and begin the move to their secondary school it can become one of uncertainty for them in their lives. This change can be big for them and overwhelming. To help them with this we promote our Boys earlier in the year into our Company Section, shortly after our Annual Celebration and Display Evening (this is normally in May). It gives those in Year 6 time to get to know the older Boys in the Company and Amicus age groups. Our belief is by doing this we can help in some way to prepare them for what it might be like in their secondary schools. Also when the Boys are in Year 6, not only are they allowed to attend our Junior Section Camp but they are invited to come away with us on our joint week-long Summer Camp with our Girls’ Brigade Company. Again this week away we feel helps builds their confidence to support them in their secondary school transition.