Bromley Battalion Swimming Gala 2022

It was really great to attend and take part in our Battalion swimming gala this afternoon which was attended by three of our own Battalion Companies plus the 7th West Kent BB/GA and 1st Westgate BB/GA.

But above all it was great to see young people having fun, trying their best to get from one end of the pool to the other in their best time.

Loads of shouts of encouragement, loads of smiling faces and also new friends made.

Congratulations to all but especially to Jenson from the 4th Bromley BB and the Junior swim team from Westgate BB/GA who tied for 1st place and now share the Junior swimming gala shield this year. #Awesome going guys.

#HextableBB #BoysBrigade #BBinLondon

Westgate BB/GA & 4th Bromley BB

Jenson @ 4th Bromley BB