Our Company could not run without the dedicated work by all of our staff, who are all highly trained and experienced volunteer youth leaders. All of our staff are DBS checked and are trained by the Boys’ Brigade nationally to carry out their duties, this includes child well-being and protection matters. Our staff are expected to attend training in all areas of the youth work. Training can take place at local, regional or national levels. Members of staff are over 18 years of age who desire to work with the Church, to promote the Object of The Boys’ Brigade. Our staff are appointed to their positions by Hextable Methodist  Church’s Church Council by nomination from the Company Captain. Their leader registration is then approved by the Battalion before being sent off to Boys’ Brigade Headquarters to confirm their registration once their DBS checks are completed.

Below is a list of our staff with their ranks, posts, qualifications and their responsibilities that they are in charge of.

The Senior Staff

The Senior Staff are those staff members who work on a weekly basis in leading and managing the company. They are also supported by other members of staff throughout the year.


Officers-in-Charge (OiC) are those Lieutenants (qualified officers) who are responsible for leading and managing one (or more) section(s) in any Boys’ Brigade Company. They must attend the Boys’ Brigade Captaincy & Officer-in-Charge training course held at either at BB Headquarters or the nearest regional training centre before being appointed as a qualified Officer-in-Charge.

Mr Ian Packham

Ian is the Company Captain and is also the Officer-in-Charge of the Company Section. Along with this he is the Company’s Treasurer. Ian leads in our Junior Section and Amicus groups too.  He sends out regular Tweets from the Company’s account. Ian holds the certificates as a qualified BB Camp Craft & Holiday Leader as well as being a recipient of Level Two Food Hygiene Standards.

Mrs Maureen Packham

Maureen is the Company Adjutant (Second-in-Command) and holds the joint post of Officer-in-Charge for the Anchor Boys & Junior Section. She holds the rank of Lieutenant and works in the Company Section too.

Mr Paul Redford

Paul is the Officer-in-Charge of Amicus and is also the Commanding Officer for our Summer Camps (he holds the certificates for the qualified BB Camp Craft & Holiday Leader). He designed and maintains the Company’s website as well as being an active contributor to its Twitter feed. He is also a qualified first aider (paediatric level) and holds a Level Two in Food Hygiene Standards.



Officers hold the rank of either Lieutenant or Warrant Officer. They lead within the Company and are responsible for supporting the Officers-in-Charge in ensuring all activities are managed safely and that the Boys enjoy themselves. Officers would have undertaken the Youth Leader Training scheme run by the Boys’ Brigade Nationally.

Mrs Gillian Cross

Gillian is a senior member of staff, holds the rank of Lieutenant and is heavily involved in leading in the Anchor Boys, Junior & Company Sections. She organises and manages the Company’s large craft collection. She is also a qualified first aider and holds a Level Two in Food Hygiene Standards. Gillian has the qualification of Officer-in-Charge.

Miss Gemma Redford

Gemma is a Lieutenant in the Company Section, who is heavily involved in the planning and delivering of the section’s weekly programme.  She is also a qualified first aider and holds a Level Two in Food Hygiene Standards. Gemma has the qualification of Officer-in-Charge.

Mrs Hazel Redford

Hazel is a Lieutenant in the Anchor Boys and supports with work in the Company Section. She holds a Level One in Food Hygiene Standards.

Miss Gillian Packham

Gillian is a Lieutenant in the Anchor Boys, Junior & Company Sections. She is also responsible for organising the Company Section’s canteen.

Mr Mike Warwick

Mike is a Lieutenant in the Company Section.

Mr Daniel Cross

Daniel is a Warrant Officer for the Anchors, Juniors & Company Sections.


Helpers are those staff members who support the company on a weekly basis. They are normally involved in helping run a certain activity or within certain sections.

Mr Andrew Cross

Andrew is a Helper and regularly works in the Anchors, Juniors & Company Sections.

Support Staff

As a Company, we are very fortunate to have members of staff who are able to help with significant events in our busy calendar. They may not be able to be with us on a weekly basis, but their contributions help us provide excellent opportunities for our Boys.

Honouree Members

Mr Fred Brockfield (DECD: 21st August 2013)

Fred was our Founding Captain and is listed as an Honouree Vice President for the Bromley Battalion.

Reverend Velma Campbell

Velma is a our Company Chaplin and is the Minister for Hextable Methodist Church.

Registered Officers & Helpers

Mr Ken Cross – Helper

Mr Chris Doran – Lieutenant

Mrs Helen Doran – Helper

Mr Nick Ford – Warrant Officer

Mr Martin Luffman – Lieutenant

Mr Michael Pruden – Helper

Mr Arthur Redford – Helper

Mr Bob Wallis – Helper

Mr Ed Wallis  – Helper

Mrs Rachel Wallis – Helper

Mr Andy Warwick – Lieutenant

Mr Sam Warwick  – Lieutenant